Abstract Template

H. Kumar1, P. K. Sharma2
1Inter-University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi
2 Indian Cryogenics Council, New Delhi

This page provides guidelines for submitting an abstract in the conference. The text is itself an example of the layout and style required for submitting the abstract. The abstracts accepted for presentation will be printed in the abstract booklet of the conference. Abstracts must be submitted in electronic format as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc or *.docx). Please check carefully the contents and format of your article before submitting as it will be reproduced in the abstract booklet exactly as it is. Times New Roman is the recommended font for the entire text. The title should be in bold letters and centered using 12 point font. The title should be followed by Author name(s) centered and in 11 point font. The affiliation(s) also should be centered in 10 point font in italics. The affiliation(s) will only be with the name of the institute/organization and the name of the city. The detailed address is not required. The name of the corresponding author should be underlined. Please mention the email ID of the corresponding author below affiliation(s) and leave a single space after that. The e-mail ID of corresponding authors should be centered in 10 point font. Please use 10 point font size for the entire text in the body of the abstract with ‘exactly’ line spacing. Please do not put footers or headers on the abstract page. References, figures and tables in the abstract should be avoided. The abstract should be restricted to 250 words. Every information related to the conference will be communicated to the corresponding author only.